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Furry Friend of the Week

The Mix 102.3 Furry Friend of the Week!

The Humane Society of Chittenden County and Ronnie K Spotlight a new Furry Friend of the Week! 

The Furry Friend this week is ready to be your pal!

Meet Ghost!

Adorable Ghost came to Vermont after she was found starving in rural Louisiana. Lucky for her, she happened upon a vet tech’s farm and was given the care she needed! She is a love of a dog that enjoys going for walks, snuggling, and being spoiled. Ghost is a super loving, affectionate, and playful girl- she’s awesome!

In her home it was noted that Ghost would leak urine. She was well potty trained and didn’t have accidents, but her owner would find urine on Ghost’s bed from where she had been sitting or lying down. We suspect that there are two different issues going on with Ghost that are causing incontinence-the first being decreased muscle tone in her urethra, and the second being chronic urinary tract infections. Ghost’s care will likely require medication and checkups throughout her life. We also think she would look adorable in a diaper if needed… :)

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